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Seeking: Online Communications - Website and Social Media Manager


Project “Strengthening of Financial Literacy in the Republic of Albania”

This project aims to improve the level of financial literacy in Albania for both private individuals, micro- and small businesses (including farmers), especially in rural areas of the country. The project aims at realizing the following results:  

Outcome 1:

The capacity of selected partner organisations to develop and implement financial literacy programmes for specific target groups has been enhanced.

Outcome 2:

The SBFIC programme has reached out to relevant stakeholders and implementing organisations in the field of Financial Literacy on a regional level.

Within the scope of the Project, the person will render support to the Country Office in the sphere of Online Communications - Website and Social Media Manager. Sparkassenstiftung Albania already has a website and Facebook project page established and populated. In order to increase outreach to project participants, partner organisations and potential supports, it is envisaged to have a designated staff member on the ground in Tirana who can write content for the website and Facebook page, as well as manage the Facebook page, all in alignment with Sparkassenstiftung communications and social media strategies.



Once training is complete, this person will be responsible for the following tasks:

Facebook Responsibility

  • Writing Facebook content (communicating the project’s news, events, activities, success stories, and most importantly engaging educational material), through Facebook posts.
  • Gathering relevant project-specific information and educational material from banking experts and trainers and working with the Facebook management agency to turn that info into engaging and project-relevant Facebook post texts.
  • Working closely with the Facebook management agency to answer questions and resolve issues.
  • Fill in Facebook Content Calendar (OneDrive document) one-month in advance so the agency can plan, translate, design and schedule posts.
  •  Be available to answer project-specific questions that come through Facebook comments and Facebook inbox (agency will monitor both comments and inbox and relay questions to Facebook manager).
  • Create urgent/timely Facebook posts based on project news or recent happenings.
  • Facebook networking and community management – including liking, commenting, sharing, following partner organisation Facebook pages and Facebook profiles of relevant public figures and individuals.
  • Create and manage Facebook events with the assistance of the agency.
  • Plan and lead a Monthly Facebook Meeting, to keep project managers up to date on Facebook, and gather comments, edits and confirm posts for the Facebook posts for the entire next month.
  • Manage and deliver invoices for Facebook marketing (ads and boosts) and Monthly Facebook Reports (provided by agency).
  • Review strategy, performance and progress toward objectives with the agency.

Website Responsibility

  • Create ongoing website content (in the form of website news articles) which communicate announcements, events and happenings of the project.
  • Make changes to logos and design of website on a per need basis.
  • Create new website pages when new elements of the project are introduced (i.e. trainings, workshops, online education sessions, webinars etc.)
  • Ensure all website communications align with the communications and social media strategy of Sparkassenstiftung



In order to effectively accomplish the previous mentioned tasks on a day-to-day basis, it is recommended that this person have some or all of the following skill sets and experience:

Facebook Skills + Experience

  • Professional level English language communication skills; written and spoken (B2-C1).
  • Strong local language (Albanian) communication skills; written and spoken (C2).
  • A solid working understanding and knowledge of Facebook; Facebook management experience an asset.
  • The capacity to add social media management to their existing duties.
  • Ability to work closely with banking expert and trainers to communicate and distribute pertinent project information via social media.
  • Basic graphic design and photo editing experience an asset (i.e Canva, Photoshop etc.)

Website Skills + Experience
It is recommended that the person managing the webpage have some or all of the following skills and experience:

  • Strong English language communication skills; written and spoken (B2-C1).
  • Journalism/communications experience an asset.
  • Strong local language (Albanian) communication skills; written and spoken (C2).
  • Experience with backend website design and management (i.e. WordPress, Typo3 etc.).
  • Ability to work closely with other project staff to communicate and distribute pertinent project information via website.
  • Some graphic design and photo editing experience necessary (basic editing images and image size for website use).

 Send your CV to sparkassenstiftung.albania--at--sparkassenstiftung.de or email us for more information. 



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