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NEWS | German Sparkassenstiftung Albania organized the Virtual Award Ceremony for the first trainers for Savings Game

The first Certified trainers for the Savings Game were celebrated with a Virtual Ceremony.


German Sparkassenstiftung Albania (DSIK) organized a Virtual Award Ceremony and broadcasted Live on Facebook page, on 29th of April, to celebrate the first certified trainers for Virtual Savings Game.

For German Sparkassenstiftung Albania, enabling partner organizations to provide Virtual Trainings is a pillar to continue financial education against the background of the pandemic and all its ramifications. In this regard, Albania was German Sparkassenstiftung’s first project country with a purely virtual training and certification set up.

After attending the Train of Trainers Virtual Classroom Training back in November 2020, the partner organizations organized virtual trainings in different regions of Albania with their beneficiaries. Training practice was one of the criteria to graduate as a Certified Trainer. Other parts of the graduation comprised the completion of a Certification Workshop as well as the passing of an oral and written exam.  This certificate officially makes them part of German Sparkassenstiftungs’ for virtual trainings worldwide.

The event was opened by Anja Deinzer, Country Director for Albania, and moderated by Jetona Myteveli, the local training expert. After getting an introduction into German Sparkassenstiftung’s Business Games by Elena Thie, Bonn, the Master Trainers Susanne Schuster and Stefan Bunte discussed the challenges of the Virtual Classroom, but also the solutions to very practical questions: How to do groupwork? How to energize? How to coordinate? Additionally, partner organisations recounted their path to getting the virtual roll-out done all over the country, as well as presenting feedback from the direct beneficiaries.

The ceremony itself was attended by participants across the globe – certainly a very special moment for the Albanian trainers and their organizations. One of the most exciting moments of the live event was the handover of the certificates. The two master trainers- Susanne Schuster and Stefan Bunte - virtually handed over the trainers’ certificates with the help of a technical hack nicely crafted by the facilitators of the event. Everybody was happy for the graduates, and you could see from their faces how proud the trainers were of this accomplishment. So, it was a special moment for the audience when two trainers, Daniela Tola and Mersi Sheshu, shared some thoughts on how they personally perceived delivering a virtual training for the first time.

This wrapped up perfectly an event that was meant to celebrate German Sparkassenstiftung’s partners in Albania and, of course, the trainers that put up with the long process of graduation as “Certified Trainers for the Savings Game”.

Watch the full recording of the Award Ceremony.


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