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"We speak your language"- a joint effort by ANFE toward better financial education of the young generation

“We speak your language” is an initiative of Junior Achievement of Albania (JAA) and Association of Securities Trading in Albania (ASTA) for pupils of high schools all over Albania.

In a nutshell, a competition was started with the objective of making the complex terminology of investments and entrepreneurship more comprehensible for school children. The Albanian Financial Supervisory Authority supported the activity in the framework of World Investors Week as well.

100 pupils from 10 high schools took part in the competition where a “dictionary” with financial terms (“translated” in commonly used words) was created and published. The challenge faced by the participating pupils during the competition was to make sure that the younger pupils could understand the meaning of the terms without help, just by using the dictionary

The results were great, and the competition had three winner teams, which were awarded a prize in a ceremony that took place yesterday October 7, supported by the Albanian Network for Financial Education (ANFE) members. German Sparkassenstiftung Albania was part of the award ceremony as well.

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